Fidel Castro & the Dangers of Tyrannical Governments

Topics: Cuba, Communism, Communist state Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Ms. Harvey
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March 14, 2010

Fidel Castro and the Dangers of Tyrannical Governments
Over the course of history it has been the fate of many nations to fall under the rule of tyrannical governments. Tyrannical governments are one of the biggest threats to human rights. There are a few forms of governments which can be considered “tyrannical”, one of which would be communism. One country that is a prime example of a nation denying their people of their basic human rights due to their oppressive government if Cuba, whose leader is Fidel Castro. One major form of a tyrannical government today would be communist governments. Communism by definition is “a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production”, according to Merriam Webster. Communism is ideologically seen as a means of creating a classless, completely equal social order. In theory, it sounds wonderful, however when put into practice it turns into tyranny. There are only five countries that have openly admitted to being communist, currently Cuba being the first and only in the Western hemisphere. “The Communist Party is constitutionally recognized as Cuba’s only legal political party”. ()

The leader of the nation of Cuba is Fidel Castro. Castro was born on August 13, 1926. He grew up in a wealthy family and was given many educational opportunities. He was said to be a very gifted child both intellectually and physically. ( Fidel Castro Biography, 2012 ) As he grew older he became increasingly passionate about “social justice”. Ironically, becoming a vagrant tyrant. “( _____ )”Castro was seen by many, especially women, as a Christ-like figure, the pure one descending from the mountains to clean away the dirt and corruption of the cities.” (_____) This is a very clear indication of his own corruption. He manipulated the public, as most dictators do, into believe he was a...
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