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"Early next morning I was lying in bed, when an old gentleman riding a bay horse arrived at the river. He was dressed in a faded chocolate gown flecked with roses and the end of his turban was wrapped round his face over an iron-grey beard. Across the saddle he carried a brown lamb. Behind him, on foot, came his son aged twelve, flapping along in a gown of geranium red and a white turban as big as himself, and holding a stick with which he directed the progress of a black ewe and her black lamb.

"When the party had assembled at the ford, the process of crossing began. First the old man rode into the stream, with difficulty kept his horse's head against it, and deposited the brown lamb on the other side. While he was returning, the child caught the black lamb. This he gave to his father, who then reentered the water dangling it by one leg so that it screamed. Bleating in sympathy, the ewe followed. But the current swept her away and landed her on the bank she had started from. Meanwhile her offspring, now safe on the further bank with the brown lamb, kept on crying. Again the old man returned, and helped his son drive the wet and shivering ewe a hundred yards up the bank above the ford. There the current caught her once more, and landed her neatly at the ford itself, this time on the further side, where she was warmly greeted by both lambs. Putting his foot on his father's boot, the little boy hopped up behind him and probed the stream with his pole as they crossed, to see if the bottom was firm. On the other bank he dismounted, restored the brown lamb to his father's saddle, set the ewe and the black lamb in motion, and launched into a swinging trot, with his geranium gown flying out behind him. The bay horse followed, and the process was lost on the horizon."

Put your eggs in a saucepan and cover them with about one-half inch cold water. Heat the pan until the water is simmering and cook like this for seven minutes, using a timer. As soon as the timer dings put the saucepan into the sink and turn on the cold tap, allowing the water to overspill. It doesn't need to be galloping; a steady but vigorous flow will do. After a minute turn off the tap and leave the eggs in the cold water for another couple of minutes, or until they are cold enough to hold comfortably.

I was going to the art room and Mrs. Bromley stopped me in the hall and said where was I going and I said the art room and she said didn’t I know art class is on Tuesday and I said yes but Miss Wales wanted me to get the papers she left on the desk and she said well I’d better not waste time and I think she’s awful mean.

Our new home was one of a number of wooden single-story units huddled together in a horseshoe enclosing a courtyard. Our new apartment was toward the rear center of the horseshoe, away from the entrance to the courtyard. To reach the kitchen, one had to pass through a small windowless anteroom made of loosely arranged planks. Anybody inside could easily look through the chinks without being observed. Against the wall opposite the entrance to the kitchen was a large stove, which took up about one fifth of the room. Right next to the stove was a bench with a bucket of water resting on it. Past the bench, in the middle of the wall, was a door leading to the only other room. To the right of the door stood a cupboard for pots, dishes, and food. Next to the cupboard, leaning against the wall on the right, was old Helena's bed. The kitchen was too small to accommodate another bed. There was just enough room for a table and chairs, which had to be placed next to the kitchen window. It was a strategic window, affording a view of the entire courtyard."

Far to his left, in the northeast, beyond the valley and the terraced foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, the two volcanoes, Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl, rose clear and magnificent into the sunset. Nearer, perhaps ten miles distant, and on a lower level than the...
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