Factors Affecting the Ability to Comprehend

Topics: Knowledge, Reading, Reading comprehension Pages: 14 (3434 words) Published: March 6, 2013

A Research Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education

In Partial Fulfillment
Of The Degree
Requirement of the
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
English Major

Submitted to:
Dr. Paraluman Veloz

Submitted by:

Cabarrubias, Mary Joy
Dela Cruz, Nesty Marie
Gravador, Erlene
Hugno, Andrea

Table of contents

Chapter I – Problem and its Background

Statement of the problem
Significant of the study
Scope and limitations
Conceptual framework
Theoretical framework
Statement of hypothesis
Definition of terms

Chapter II – Review of related Literature and Studies

Related Literature

Chapter III – Research and Methodology

Research Design
Respondents of the study
Sample and Sampling technique
Statistical Tool


The researchers wish to express their sincerest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the following person who made this study possible:

To The Greatest Master Teacher, praises to HIM, for approving wisdom, courage, and tenacity to complete this work, for without HIM, this could not have been accomplished.

Dr. Paraluman Veloz, our professor, for her advisorship.
To our friends, classmates, professors, and parents who gave their assistance to us.

Chapter l

Background of study

This chapter includes an introduction, statement of the problem, significant of the study, scope and limitation and statement of hypothesis.
“Education plays a vital role to each and every one of us; education has been a right and not a choice”. Education states that it is a lifelong process by which people develop everyday and everywhere. Especially through formal instruction training and strategies and formal schooling. The essential aim of education is to expose one country’s culture to their people in the present generation to the next generation. Every child deserves an education no matter what condition in life you have, it has been believed to be a right. Without education, we are apparently like a human being in a closed box seeing nothing but your furniture, but with education we find ourselves in this box with a lot of windows open for the external world. Which comes first with a primary text source, historical thinking or reading comprehension? Clearly, for students to understand and think historically when reading a source document, they must be able to comprehend what they read. Reading comprehension is one essential tool that guides education, not only in it a crucial instrument for communication and information gathering, it also opens door that allow imagination and creativity to flows. Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what we read, where words have contexts and meaning. Reading comprehension skills allow us to read proficiently, learn effectively, problem solve, strategize conceptualize and succeed in life. An individual who have a poor comprehension may have lost the chance of learning. One of the factors that pupil have is lack of concentration .concentration is the ability to direct one’s thinking whatever direction we would intend. But at other times our thoughts are scattered, and one minds race from one thing to another. To deal with such times, we need to learn and practice concentration skills and strategies to concentrate; we have to learn a skill, and as with any skill this means practice repeated day after day until we achieve...
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