Exploitation or opportunity

Topics: Wage, Capitalism, Exploitation Pages: 4 (1278 words) Published: March 8, 2014
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Do you think that the low-wage factories of the multi-national corporations, located in countries such as China, Bangladesh or Mexico, represent exploitation or opportunity?

"Every exploitative relationship begins with an initial inequality that makes the taking advantage possible. In exploitative relationship the rich get richer and the poor fall further behind. "- Robert Mayer Exploitation, in this case economic exploitation, can be defined as using somebody's labor, but in return giving an unfair compensation, or taking unfair advantage of laborer. Exploitation is nowadays mostly taking place in factories of undeveloped countries of Asia, Africa and South America. The workers in factories are paid low, sometimes paid under the minimum wage and also placed to work in very bad conditions. According to Robert Mayer there are two kinds of exploitation: discretionary and structural exploitation. Karl Marx viewed the whole capitalist class as exploitative thing. On the other hand those people in between those multi-national corporations and oppressed workers are in dilemma to call it exploitation or opportunity. The question also is: Is exploitation ok even if it is not harmful and mutually beneficial?  "Hours are long. Wages are pitiful. Workers go there voluntarily, which means--hard as it is to believe--that whatever their alternatives are, they are worse." says Tim Harford the Undercover Economist. Nowadays most Americans and people of other developed western countries are aware of existence of sweatshops and labor exploitation in third world countries such as China, India, and Mexico. We all, including myself, agree that bad conditions and low wages for those workers are unacceptable, but it is also hard for most of us to do anything about it. The reasons for us to judge or do anything about it is because, first we benefit from it by being able to buy cheap products and second we see besides exploitation that those worker have been given...
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