Explain why the NEP was unpopular with many Communists in the 1920s USSR

Topics: Communism, Marxism, Vladimir Lenin Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: January 23, 2015
Explain why the NEP was unpopular with many Communists in the 1920s USSR

The NEP had been a point of disagreement within the Bolshevik Party ever since Lenin introduced it. The far left within the party were strongly against the NEP while the Right (although they didn’t consider it to be a long term solution) wanted to keep it going for a while in order to allow industrialisation to happen at a steadier more natural rate. It angered many Communists as it allowed for private ownership of business which meant people could profit off other peoples’ labour which goes against everything Communism stands for. Many Communists were devoted to fulfilling Marx’s Communist Manifesto and were upset by the NEP going against it. These were mainly the far leftists who openly protested against it as the farer right members saw that keeping the NEP for a longer time would help the revolution by being a “half way house” between Communism and Capitalism. Many Communists found it difficult to speak out against Lenin as he was almost God like amongst them and he saw the NEP as a short term solution. Not only did the private ownership of business just upset Communists because it went against their ideology, it also meant that people who profited from their private businesses would be earning more than others which would lead to class divisions in society. The Communists wanted to break down all class barriers so that everyone would be equal. Not only this, class divisions could lead to political divisions, jeopardising the Communist rule. Political divisions can’t happen in a Communist state. It just can’t happen. The class divisions will be even more pronounced as unemployment is very high meaning living standards are dropping for some. Firstly, there shouldn’t be any unemployment in a Communist state because everyone is meant to have a place in society that is equal to everyone else. Secondly, dropping living standards turned people against the Communists. You’re not going to...
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