Explain why the NEP was unpopular with many communists in the 1920 USSR

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Explain why the NEP was unpopular with many Communists in the 1920s USSR.

The New Economic Policy, known as the NEP was an economic system used in the USSR 1921-1928. The NEP was introduced after war communism. This was because war communism involved kulaks and other peasants being forced to give up their crops in order to support the army, this in turn made them quite upset and angry which made them destroy crops. This meant that the growth of crops and food was falling back to 1913 standards and Lenin had to do something about it so he brought about the NEP. This was particularly good at the time as it allowed individuals the opportunity to make money and do well for themselves. But it was unpopular to many communists. Firstly, it was unpopular because the communists believed that it did not fit in with Marxist ideology, as they believed the NEP was deeply flawed. There was private enterprise which meant that some people were making a profit out of others labour. Marx believed that the political superstructure of every society was based on its economic base and the NEP went totally against the principle of public good. Also another reason why the NEP was so unpopular with the Communists was because of the split it made in the party. The left and the right, the left believed in the in ending the NEP and begin rapid industrialisation however the right believed in keeping the NEP and encouraged the peasants to become richer. This had a negative effect on the communists especially as the government was a part of a democratic centralism which meant that they decided all the decisions and policies centrally this organizational method describes the freedom of members of the political party to discuss and debate matters of policy and direction, but once the decision of the party is made by majority vote, all members are expected to uphold that decision. By the left and right opposing one another this meant that the main party members and members of the Politburo...
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