Experience Is the Best Teacher

Topics: Knowledge, Truth, Learning Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: November 19, 2011
The title suggest that "book-learning is all right as far as it goes, but success in life goes to the practical man of affairs rather than tot he lofty theorist." Such ideas are certainly given the color of truth by the undoubted fact that the successful politician goes further on shrewdness than on political theory, and the rich businessman further on practical ability than on the degree in economics. If success in life is to be measured in terms of money, power and position, it is the practical man who succeeds most often. Experience has taught him when to buy and when to sell, whom to trust and whom to suspect, whom to make friends with and whom to ignore.

The title also suggests that we tend to take more notice of the lessons of life than the lessons of our teachers in school. This is undoubtedly true! Children are naturally lazy and inattentive because a failure in class doesn't seem to matter very much -- at least at the time. After all, there is always the security of home. But, when a man comes to have his own home with payments falling due and hungry mouths to feed, he is afraid to be inattentive to his job because he may lose it. Harsh experience teaches him to be his best, because if he fails, he knows his employers will not be sentimental about the needs of his family.

And again, the title suggests many spheres of adult activity in which, although a little theory is obviously necessary, practical experience alone can achieve results a learner-driver can easily learn the mechanics of driving a motor car in the classroom and be able to answer any question, but with all his theoretical knowledge, he (or she) is bound to be nervous the first time out on the road alone -- even when the driving-test has been successfully passed. Only experience can teach the new driver to cope with the speed of the hurly-burly of the city roads.

Marriage, also, is said to be 'a lottery'. Some mutual thoughts can perhaps, bring together partners who are likely to be...
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