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Exit Photoshop
You can exit Photoshop after you finish using the application. Before exiting, Photoshop alerts you to any open images that have unsaved changes so you can save them. When you start the application again, it opens with the same Toolbox and panel arrangement as you had when you exited. For more about customizing a workspace, see the section Save a Workspace. 1. Click File.

2. Click Exit.
Photoshop closes.
Before exiting, Photoshop alerts you to any open images that have unsaved changes so you can save them.

Exiting Photoshop
Now that you’ve decided how you want to save your Photoshop document, it’s time to leave Photoshop. You’ll want to make sure that all of your documents have been properly saved and closed before you exit Photoshop. Photoshop performs a bit of memory management, saves the current location of the palettes and toolboxes, and then quits. Exit Photoshop from Windows

 Click the File menu.
 Click Exit.

Click the Close button on the program window or press Ctrl+Q to exit Photoshop.  If necessary, click Yes to save your changes.

Photoshop closes and you are brought back to your desktop.
Stanislaw Lem’s “Trurl’s Machine” is the story an inventor who makes an eight-story thinking machine with a major flaw. The story is an attempt to portray the censorship of the people by a communist regime. Lem does this through the use of character, plot and symbolism.

The characters in “Trurl’s Machine” have very different personalities. First, we meet Trurl, the constructor. He is a scientist and an inventor, but he has an artistic side. This he shows by giving the machine face. He has a quick temper and no patience for stupidity. He also is firm in his beliefs as he demonstrates at the end of the story when the machine is trying to get him to give in. “”Never!” roared Trurl, as if he no longer cared what happened, … (Lem).” Klapaucius is Trurl’s friend and rival. He is also a constructor, but a much more...
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