Exim Bank Report

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One Earth, One Chance!


ave our Earth


Chapter Particulars 01 02 03 04 05 Preface In-house Environment Management Policy and strategic plan Launches of Green product and Reporting Amendment, Compliance and Control

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Chapter- One



1.1 Purpose “Green House Effect” induced Global Warming is a global issue that calls for a global response. Warming of the climate system is caused by increasing concentrations of green house gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels. The rapid change in climate would probably be too great to allow many eco systems to suitably adapt, since the changes have direct impact on bio diversity, agriculture, forestry, dry land, water resources and human health. However, there is general lack of adequate awareness on the above issues and hence there is urgent need to promote certain urgent measures for sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Being a part of financial corporate house of the country, First Security Islami Bank Limited is well concerned about the enormous loss of Biodiversity, Climatic change and damage occurred in environment. We have to focus on environmental issues at the centre of banking activities. An increasing number of banks around the world are strengthening green banking activities by way of launching products which are friendly to the environment.

1.2 Scope Green banking approach pushed the banking in a unique position in economy which gives pivotal importance to human well-being as well as its environment. In our country banks have taken initiatives on environmental issues in their activities, especially in the form of stopping lending to high-pollution and high energy consumption industries while facilitating financial support to green industries.


The public concern in our country has been growing significantly for the last few years, mostly due to apparently unusual weather patterns, rising natural disasters, declining air quality etc. Adhering to the Green banking concept laid in Policy Guideline on Green Banking introduced by Bangladesh Bank and the best practices available in banking sector we are pleased to introduce the ‘Policy Guideline on Green Banking’ from our bank

1.3 Banks and its area to promote Green banking:
 Great opportunity to reach a significant number of people of the country who visits the bank number of times for transaction.  Primary lender to individuals and large corporate help the bank to encourage its clients on environmental issues.  In-house environment management  Awareness building among the stakeholders  Green Financing  Environmental Risk Management

1.4 Capitalizing the opportunity
 Promote and launch of green banking products and services.  Assist corporate, SMEs, suppliers for quick adoption of environment friendly practices by ways of  Risk mitigating measures that include environmental risk.  Incentivizing clients- corporate and individual for green banking  Promote the renewable energy at all levels in the banks in its day to day operation.


 Image building by way of showing commitment to the environment.  Could be able to reduce operational cost due to strict control of wastage of paper and misuse of stationery.  Increase of productivity as well as the level of quality of the employees by using the optimum service of technology.  Able to create very healthy work environment by installing ecofriendly equipments.


Chapter- Two Phase-I
In-house environment Management


To develop the Green Banking practices in the country, a green banking policy and strategy framework has been developed in the following manner:

2.1 Ethics of FSIBL Green banking initiatives:
Being a responsible corporate house of the country, First Security Islami Bank limited believes every single step taken today would go a long way to build our future, more greener. The...
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