Examination Are the Best Way to Assess Students Knowledge

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Exams...they are one of the best ways to way to asses students knowledge.. its the only way were we can find out as to how much a student ahs picked up in the class over a period of 6 months or a year If there were no exams it would have been difficult to employ or judge a certain person’s abilities and qualifications. Think about a company employing u... The first think they will ask u is ur score cards or grades And u get these things only through exams. Most of the times exams are for an hour or two... and there is no way that anybody can measure your knowledge in an hour or two. Students tend to memorize rather that learn just for the sake of that one or two hours of examination

In one way or another all of the people have experiences with grades in school. Perhaps the most of them got stressed and scared because of it. Although I attended dozens of exams and took dozens of grades, I absolutely find the idea which says grades encourage students to learn wrong because grading makes a negative pressure on students and take the will of learning away from the kids.

Suggested uses of exams:

• Measure student learning

• Provide a basis for assigning course grades

• Compare student performance

• Provide feedback to students about their learning

• Guide course content or instruction

Strengths of exams:

o Scoring is easy and reliable

Limitations of exams:

• Fixed-Choice:
o Writing good questions is time consuming

o Difficult to measure higher-order thinking skills

• Open-Ended:
o Time consuming to score

o Difficult to measure a large amount of content or course learning objectives

Althought there is opinion that students should not be graded and that grades are not real image of students knowledge, I agree that students should be graded because grades encourage students to learn. Grades cause students to compete with other students to have better grades,...
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