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What is wrong what is right who is wrong who is right what the gods will think if Euthyphro is right what will the gods says if Socrates says the gods will get mad if you do not believe what he says. The drama was playing out during the famous dilemma that Plato concerning the nature of goodness is still being raised today as a serious challenge to Christianity. Is an act right because God says it is so, or does God say it is so because it is right? The question first surfaces in Plato's dialog Euthyphro.

I am going to try to answers these question according to the e guidelines, on the subject it is a broad subject from top to bottom so many people have different opinion on this and it is amazing how so many people have different feelings about these two men who is talking about the gods.

The Problem

Socrates encounters Euthyphro outside the court of Athens. Socrates has been called to court on charges of impiety by Meletus, and Euthyphro has come to prosecute his own father for having unintentionally killed a murderous hired hand. Socrates flatters Euthyphro, suggesting that Euthyphro must be a great expert in religious matters if he is willing to prosecute his own father on so questionable a charge. Euthyphro concurs that he does indeed know all there is to be known about what is holy. Socrates urges Euthyphro to instruct him and to teach him what holiness is, since Euthyphro's teaching might help Socrates in his trial against Meletus. (Joyce, Spring 2002)

At first blush, this seems correct, until we realize the liabilities. The content of morality would be arbitrary, dependent on God's whim. Though God has declared murder, theft, and debauchery wrong, it could have been otherwise had God willed it so. Any "immoral" act could suddenly become "moral" by simple fiat. Further, it reduces God's goodness to His power. To say that God is good simply means that He is capable of enforcing His commands. As Russell put it, "For God...

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