Euthanasia: Suffering and Anatomy Season

Topics: Suffering, Death, Pain Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 18 - “Suicide is Painless”

According to the House of Lords Select Committee on Medical Ethics, the precise definition of euthanasia is "a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life, to relieve intractable suffering."

In Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Episode 18 - “Suicide is Painless”, it’s all about a woman who has a pulmonary cancer that already metastasized into her lymph nodes which in this case is on the terminal stage. She wanted the doctor to prescribe her a medicine that will end her suffering, which means dying.

This type of euthanasia is the active and voluntary euthanasia – a type of euthanasia which are common in terminal diseases, where patients cannot do anything themselves so they ask someone to kill them painlessly (e.g., a Doctor).

Euthanasia is one of the most complicated issues in the Medical field due to the clash of ethically point of views. Nowadays, the lives of many patients can be saved with the latest discoveries in treatments and technology. But we still are unable to find cure to all illnesses, and patients have to go through extremely painful treatments only to have time. These patients struggle with physical and psychological pain. Due to highly costs treatments, few capability to have total control of their lives and the only option to live a short amount of time with painful treatments: People should have the right, with certain restrictions, to end their lives in the best way possible to stop suffering of an endless pain. Society should have compassion and respect to the patient's decision whose life becomes unbearable.

For me, I do believe that God should be the only one allowed to end a life.

Personally, I think this is true but with some exceptions to those terminally ill with a constant pain. As humans, we should have compassion for those who physically suffer constantly without long time to...
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