Ethics: Morality and People

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Virtue Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: May 28, 2001
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Ethics play a major role in just about everyone's lives today from the young to the old. Starting with the young you learn about responsibilities, values and morals in school. Children have to know that they have to do homework and study, they might not know now that it will pay off in the future. Getting into habits to help them through life will help them learn more easily and be more organized. Also at a young age children do not really know the difference between right and wrong so they need a hand to be taught and pointed in the right direction, which adults and teachers are there to help them with. Older adults and teachers take the responsibilities themselves to help young children learn responsibilities and right from wrong. Moral judgement plays a major role with ethics as well as in life, knowing good decisions from wrong ones. Using you values to make the right decision crosses almost everyone's mind daily, whether it's what to wear that day or what to do that day. It can sometimes reflect on your self from what others see.187

The way people act has a major impact on what others are thinking and saying about them. In life if you act positively most people will think of you as a good person. If people act in a negative manor they will have others looking badly upon them. "Every man's/woman's work is always a portrait of himself."-Samuel Butler. When at work if you put forth a full and consistent effort your employers will have a positive attitude towards you. If you slack off at your job and put forth no effort into what you're doing it will show and your employers will know that you do not have very good morals. Having an assignment and working hard and not saving it to the last minute shows responsibility and if it's well done your teachers will know what kind of a person you are to some

extent. If you don't work hard to your full potential you are going to give the teacher almost a right to...
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