Ethics- Do the Right Thing

Topics: Morality, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 6, 2012
1.Spike Lee intended us to conclude that violence is not an answer for any problems. In this case, the character, Da Mayor, would be a classic example of how problems should have been solved. He could have intended us to conclude that by resorting to violence in any situation, the consequences that we would have to face will not be very favourable and it could lead to more problems instead of solving the current situation. It is always better to nip the problem from the bud, instead of letting it grow and allowing it to torment everyone.

2.In moral subjectivism context, Mookie did the right thing, as he was enraged by the death of, Radio Raheem, a fellow black man, and so did everybody else. However in this case, everybody was reacting strongly instead of responding according to the situation. Everybody was selfishly warped into their own situation, and they failed to realise that the problem was getting out of control. Instead of trying to help one another to calm the situation, everyone except, Da Mayor and the Korean store owner, aggravated the situation even further. The old saying goes, “An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind”. It is immoral to humiliate people instead of winning their understanding.

3.The Korean store owner was trying to imply that he belongs to the neighbourhood and that he is exactly like any of the other blacks in the neighbourhood. He was trying to prove that there was no difference between him and the blacks, and that they all are not very much different from each other. Moreover, the Korean store owner could have said that in order to save himself and his store from being torn down by the African Americans.

4.This film is advocating exclusive multiculturalism. The film well depicts the difficulties of multiculturalism one faces from living in a multicultural immigrant society. Throughout the movie, it was evident that people of their own ethnicity did not really mingle well with those of other ethnicity, although a few...
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