Ethics: Beyond the New Morality

Topics: Meaning of life, Ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (1619 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Subject: Ethics
Name: Sakala Sidney
Topic: what is Grisez and Shaw up to in the book Beyond the New Morality? INTRODUCTION
Germin Grisez and Shaw bring to our attention an ethical outlook in their work “Beyond the New Morality”. The work is basically Aristotelian and touches on the most important aspects of our day to day life and experiences. Like Aristotle Grisez and Shaw present their ethical theories in wide view; they do not confine the ethical issues as a matter of the reasoning faculty of the human person. The root for the ethical outlook presented in “The New Morality” is one that entirely rest on the scriptures. The human person in “Beyond the New Morality” however, is presented complete with emotions, the reasoning faculty, having duties and responsibilities, freedom and commitments. In short the book presents an ethics that integrates the whole human person. The human person is not viewed as an object of a force outside them as we will see in the human goods. THE PERSONS’ ACTIONS, FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY

An exciting aspect of the human person explored in Beyond the New Morality is the relation of the individuals’ freedom to their responsibility. It is emphasized in the book that freedom is the capacity by which the individual forms themselves through the choices made. These are the choices that bring fulfillment to the person as they are made for the individual and by the individual. The aspect of determinism through the impact on the person’s life of free and self determining choices of an individual is tackled in the work of Grisez and Shaw. The other aspects of beyond the new morality as outlined by Grisez and Shaw include action, love of self and the whole community, not bearing so much on the ideals that the community considers right or wrong. The aspect of action holds a very high value in ethics. Actions are considered as the roots to self determination if we are to look at virtue as a habit that is...
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