Ethics and Moral Issues in Bus Mgt/216

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Business ethics Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Ethics is a system of moral principles. According to DeGeorge, “ethics is a systematic attempt to make sense of our individual and social moral experience… to determine the rules that ought to govern human conduct, the values worth pursuing, and the character traits deserving development in life (DeGeorge, 2010, pg. 13).” Ethics comes into play in different forms. You have personal ethics, and business ethics. There are also ethical issues and moral issues that can be dealt with on a personal or business level. Personal ethics and business ethics go hand in hand. It is hard to differentiate one from the other. Personal ethics deals with morality, and integrity that may be strongly influenced by a person’s upbringing. “Business ethics typically involves five kinds of activities. The first is the applying of general ethical principles to particular cases or practices in business. Deciding whether the actions involved are immoral or morally justifiable is important. (Business Ethics, Seventh Edition, by Richard T. De George pg 16).”

Ethical issues and moral issues both have to deal with integrity, and the values or moral that a person or business may have. We all deal with ethical and moral issues at some point in life. Ethical issues come in to play a lot when dealing with the business environment. As we have all seen in the news the housing market has crashed and it was mostly due to the greed of companies to make money. They let their integrity get the best of them for a dollar, and the end result is people ended up with homes or home loans that they could not afford. The moral issue of that is people on a personal level probably knew that the documents are information being used to help them get loans was falsified, but the need to have something that seemed out of reach, but was so close in hand caused them to forego what they knew was right.

When dealing with ethics in a business a company should have guidelines in place to protect themselves along...

References: Business Ethics, Seventh Edition, by Richard T. De George. Published by Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2010 by Pearson Education, Inc.
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