Ethical Principles/Theories

Topics: Morality, Sexual intercourse, Ethics Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Situation Ethics
oSituation ethics views Pornography as moral if and only if it is used in moderation and with the right mind set of the individual to use it to benefit oneself or others in a good way. A married couple who are unable to show their love to each other can use a type of pornography called “cybersex” to help them cope up with the loneliness of being away from their loved one.

oBut if an individual indulges his/herself into pornography to harm the people around him/her, and lets pornography destroy ones morality, Situation ethics views it as something immoral. A couple decided to film their sexual intercourse but they promised to keep it private. Suddenly the woman found out that his partner has uploaded their video on the web.

Pragmatic Moral Principle
oIn Pragmatic Moral Principle, the bottom line is the most realistic, beneficial, and useful. If we apply it in Pornography, we can indeed agree that looking at pornography as a form of education for adults can save more time and money, rather than going to a sexologist and other doctors of the same field. A married couple who are both inexperienced in sexual intercourse can be helped by pornography to educate them on how to deal with this field they are unaware of.

Divine Command Theory/The Will of God
o“An act is good because God willed it to be so and bad because God forbids it.” -Samuel Von Pufendorf
oThe will of God is the basis of what is moral and immoral. A 14 y/o boy is curious what pornography is like, and then decided to look it up on the internet. He reached a pornography site but the site requires the one should be at least 18+ y/o to enter the site. The boy then lied about his age and entered the site.

oIt may be justified if the act benefits or brings happiness to an individual and overweighs the negative effect. A married couple who were first unfamiliar with coitus later tried reading porn...
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