Ethical Habits in Our Daily Lives

Topics: Virtue, Morality, Psychology Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: September 2, 2012
Ethical habits are important in our daily lives.

Ethical habits play an important role in our daily lives. People are using good or bad ethics during decision making. What people need to know is you do not need to be perfect to be ethical, you may be ethical by living life faithfully and honestly. The most important reason ethical habits are important in our daily lives is because your actions can define who your character really is. My preferred ethical lens is results and reputation. I am the type of person to set goals for myself and know what kind of results I want and how to get there. By doing this I set myself up with the kind of reputation that I want.

I have learned that you do not need to be perfect to be ethical. The reason I state this is because people make mistakes so often and this is my blind spot. When I usually make mistakes, I would worry about what others think. Instead, I have learned when you collaborate with other students they can give you their input and either correct you or help you understand the subject from a different point of view. I have realized that by understanding our own biases and how to recognize other people’s biases, it is easier to get toward ethical conclusions without conflict. My strengths are free writing and giving feedback to others. Giving feedback, to me is easy because it is just my opinion from my point of view. My weakness would be to incorporate information that is given to me from others. I am still working on changing around my papers and either adding or removing information that others think is not needed and yet have it all still make sense. My values are trustworthiness and caring. I believe a person who is trustworthy is consistent, reliable and loyal. I also believe a caring person is compassionate and forgives others. Both these values are important to me because it helps mold my character to be a better person every day. The way I will use my personal ethics to determine a course of...
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