Ethical Decision Making Report

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Ethical Decision-making Report Cassandra S. Parker Western Governors University



Ethical Decision-making Report B.1. Ethical decision-making strategies In order to ensure that ethical decision-making takes place at all levels within Cascadia Toyco, I am suggesting that the company implement the following two strategies: (1) establish a business code of ethics, and (2) adopt both formal and informal decision-making processes. Establishing a business code of ethics will provide an internal guidance system for the company. The code will exemplify the best practices of the company, and uphold our core values. It will be a source of reference for all employees, creating ethical thinking in all that we do, which should help to ensure that decision-making is ethical. Once the business code of ethics is established, then each department will be tasked to create their own code. The departmental code of ethics will need to meet the company ideals, as well as create an ethical functioning structure for the department. The purpose of an informal decision-making process is to get employees thinking. This kind of process works well as a memorable graphic. For instance, we could adapt several of the “tests” described by Willard (2002) for safe internet use. These tests are just as applicable to business decisions, and in fact life decisions. We could be creative with this informal process by displaying the tests on posters in the hallways and animated reminders on our company intranet. The idea is simply to make employees ask questions. Willard’s tests include the Golden Rule Test, in which a person asks themselves how they would feel if the same thing were done to them. The Trusted Adult Test asks a person to think about what their mom or dad would think. There are several decision-making tests that would we could use as visual reminders for our employees to think before they act.



The informal process is a lead-in for a much more formal decision-making strategy that I believe we should adopt company-wide. The formal process is the same process I utilized to make the decision regarding how to remedy the tainted whistle issue. This is the decisionmaking process which I have used throughout my personal life and professional career, fine tuning it throughout the years. The words I use to describe the process are simple because the idea is simple. In each step, I consistently consider the range of stakeholders that will be affected throughout the process. Additionally, I defer to industry and governmental regulations as the starting point when I enter this process. The steps are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Identify the problem. Gather information about the problem. Analyze the situation. Develop options. Evaluated the options. Selected a preferred option. Monitor the outcome of the preferred option and make adjustments as needed.

Having all employees on the same page using this formal decision-making process will increase the likelihood of making ethical decision. B.2. Benefits of a business code of ethics Establishing a business code of ethics will give Cascadia Toyco a moral compass for all employees to aspire to live and work by. The most evident benefit of having a code of ethics is that it will unify how we do business by laying out the core ideals of our business. The code will enable us to define our stakeholders – the major ones which are the driving force behind our business, down to the smaller stakeholders that are affected by the business we do. Through our code of ethics we will clearly define the outcomes we wish to achieve, and those outcomes that we wish to avoid. For example, Cascadia is striving to become the premier provider of quality educational toys worldwide. We wish to do so while maintaining a high



standard of sustainability. On the other...

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