Ethic of Care Theory

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Ethic of Care Theory
Ethic of Care is a theory of how we care for other people around us. It prompts us of the value of human relationship. Ethic of Care theory places moral value on communities as well as persons and asserts that one action take place in the context relationship. Our decisions should consider existing relationships and often carry out via social action. However, Ethic of Care does not support a dependency relationship between people but it is about maintaining a relationship of mutuality. Ethic of Care declares that by interacting with a community can be considered vulnerable. We should maintain a relationship of mutual opportunity and benefits, as well as consider the implications of our decision and if they have the potential to be harmful to the community. We should try to do the right thing to others people, live the morally correct life, and honest to people around us. We have to live honest to ourselves, so we can be truly caring for someone or something. Caring is a response to the variety of features of moral situations: need, harm, past promises, role relationships. There are also four main ideas in an ethic of care: moral attention, sympathetic understanding, relationship awareness, and harmony and accommodation. Moral attention is the attention to the situation in all its complexity. We need to understand all the faces of the situation to make our decision. For example, Doug decisions in our lecture. He thinks for Susan, but he does not care for her situation when he asks her to send her to visit the client. Of course, her father wants her to go, but if Doug thinks for Susan and her family situation, he will not do that. He does not have enough moral attention to Susan’s situation. Moreover, Doug is not open to sympathizing and even identifying with Susan in the situation. What it would most likely best interests for her and meet her needs. Related to the notion of her relationship awareness is accommodation. As a result, we should meet all of these four main ideas in an ethic of care to be support for people around us. Case Study: Parable of the Sadhu

* Summary
Bowen McCoy’s “Parable of the Sadhu” is the story of McCoy’s journey on walking halfway through his 60 day trip all the way through the Himalayan Mountains. McCoy and Stephen, his friend along the journey, found the Sadhu, who the Indian holy man is naked, barefoot and almost near dead from hypothermia and tiredness above 15,500 while on one of the most difficult peak climbs of their whole trip. Climbing the mountain in the surrounding area of McCoy and Stephen, there were three other climbing parties from New Zealand, Switzerland, and Japan try to provide some helps to the Sadhu. They were left the Sadhu behind with clothing, food and drink more than two day journeys from the nearest village after that. The climbing parties were making their decision to continue on their goal; the destiny of the Sadhu was left unidentified. Both Stephen and McCoy were never found out that if Sadhu live or die. McCoy’s dilemma is restrained on retroflection that he should have done what he did for Sadhu as provide some assistance and then keep climbing to complete his goal, or he should have done more for Sadhu. As McCoy suggests, “Real moral dilemmas are ambiguous, and many of us hike right through them, unaware they exist.” (Page 95) * Application of the case study to Ethic of Care theory

I think that all Sadhu team members should stop their entire plan and help him first. His life is maybe in danger. Even when we see a sick deer or dog, we still stop and help them. I understand that the Himalayas had their wettest spring in 20 years. I also understand that their last trip may be ruined. However, they should think that if Sadhu die because of them, will direct of their life be happy? They, on the other hand, can help Sadhu getting better; they all can finish their entire plan together. They should not ignore about him. He may try to do...
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