Ethic and Profesional Code of Conduct

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Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct

CRJ 220

Ian Welsh stated in an article: “Moral is how you treat people you know, ethics are how you treat people you don’t know [ (Welsh, 2013) ]. This paper will examine ethics, morality and law and briefly describe each one of them with law enforcement in mind. This paper will also present three reasons why ethics and integrity are important for a police chief or county sheriff and suggest two ways a police chief or county sheriff should use ethics and the code of conduct in decision making.

Ethics and Professional Code of Conduct
Definition of Ethics, morality and Law in regard to Law enforcement. According to Christopher R. Williams, and Bruce A. Arrigo, ethic is define as “The study of what is morally right, wrong, good or bad; it is an effort to understand and justify moral concepts principles and theories; an effort to establish principles of moral behavior that can serves as guides for individuals and groups; an investigation into the values and virtues that are important” [ (Williams & Arrigo, 2012) ]. In other words, ethic is about our action and decision, it is acting in ways that is consistent in one belief. On the other hand, Williams and Arrigo (2012) describe morality as “Morality is typically understood to refer to people’s values, their beliefs about right and wrong, good and bad, and the choice they make and the actions that they take as a result of those values and beliefs”. Thus morality would be set of values attributed to a system of belief, typically a religious or political system. These values will get their authority from something outside the individual, like a higher being. Dr Scmallager defines criminal law as “a rule of conduct generally found enacted in the form of a statute, that proscribes or mandates certain forms of behavior” [ (Schamalleger, 2011) ]. Dr Schmalleger (2011) added that law tends to be based on universal standards of morality, value and ethic...

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