Topics: Climate change, Global warming, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: January 30, 2014
Speech by:Zeynab Aliyeva 20-01-14

“I’m sick of people talking about the environment.”

These days everybody is talking about the environment. Sustainable development bla bla bla , genetic engineering bla bla bla, environmental protection bla bla bla.It makes sick, sick, sick. Can’t just people start doing something? We can do something to prevent it right? It really annoys me that people are talking about it but don’t see that they also have a part of ruining the environment.

According to a new U.N.(United Nations)report, the global warming outlook is much worse than originally predicted. Which is pretty bad when they originally predicted it would destroy the planet.If you want to stop global warming open your ears. First of all people should use less energy. We can switch off the electronic devices or lights whenever we don’t need it. By the way change your regular light bulbs with a compact fluorescent light bulb. Did you know that it can save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide a year? People! Take advantage of the sunshine and use solar panels. People should drive less. They should avoid using transportations that uses fossil fuels .Did you know that burning fossil fuels increases the level of green house gases in the atmosphere? Ride a bike, carpool or mass transit more often instead. If you are using a car then accelerate slowly and smoothly, there will be less carbon footprint by doing that, trust me. Plant trees. I love trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air and releases oxygen. Recycle more. When recycling you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural resources like green energy. And PEOPLE, use less water! Don’t just let the water go while you’re checking yourself in the mirror. Take showers instead of long baths. Think about the poor people in Africa. They need water. Maybe they don’t...
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