Essay on Global Warming Evidence

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Climate change Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 14, 2011
Skylar Young
APES – Global Warming Evidence

“Global Warming Is Rapidly Raising Sea Levels, Studies Warn” –National Geographic (March 2006)

As we are well aware, the earth is undergoing changes each and every day. One change that has silently been increasing over the last half century is the melting of large ice sheets and glaciers, leading to a rise in sea levels that has never been seen before; by the end of the century the seas may be one meter higher than they are today. Many are pointing at global warning as the culprit for the rate at which the ice sheets are melting because it was predicted that the glaciers’ reaction time to the warning of the earth would be about a hundred years before drastic meetings would occur. The result of these rising sea levels could be devastating the ever-increasing sea levels could one day inundate island-nations, flood major cities, and displace millions of residents living on a coast. A study, published in the journal “Climate Change Letters,” concluded stated that by the year 2100 at least 180 US cities will be greatly threatened by rising sea levels. Those predictions were based on a generally accepted principle that the sea levels worldwide will rise about three feet over the next one hundred years. Cities such as Miami, New Orleans, New York and Washington D.C. may lose up to 10% of their land during the floods in years to come. Another astonishing report, this time by the UN, shows that by the year 2020, there will be 50 million environmental refugees in the world because of climate change—that’s in ten years.
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