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Topics: Southeast Asia, Singapore, Communism Pages: 2 (936 words) Published: January 31, 2015
Essay on anything: Communist threat in Singapore has played a significant role in attaining successful independence for Singapore. Do you agree? To a large extent I disagree that the communist threat had played a significant role in bringing about independence for Singapore. Instead it was the differing ideals sprouting amongst Singapore and her citizens that had effectively shaped the peaceful sovereignty that we enjoy now, and communism would even fall under the circle of brewing political ideas that existed in Singapore. However communism alone had not forced our nation into independence. For the purpose of this essay, the communist threat refers to post WWII Singapore from 1945-1963, where communist parties caused violence and infiltrated into work unions and student groups. Attaining successful independence would refer to peaceful and stable sovereignty from when Singapore gained independence in the year 1965. First of all, independence was only possible upon Singapore’s rejection of the Malaysian policies. When Malaysia had forced upon its own national polices, economic and political approach on Singapore, the fissures of relations started to appear. Singapore goods taxed highly despite the common market understanding between the two countries. Kuala Lumpur was also reluctant to grant the pioneer certificates as promised since very few were drafted. Moreover, the Federal Government even wanted Singapore to increase its contribution from 40% that they agreed on, to 60%. All of these were further compounded by the closing of the Bank of China. This made Singapore unhappy because the bank provided trade and this would affect the trade between China and Singapore, crippling Singapore’s economy and affecting industrialization, whereas only making Malaysia attractive to Foreign Investors. The interests of Singapore were not well represented by Malaysia. Bound by the unfair policies between the two countries, Singapore would not be able to achieve progress...
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