This essay is a Comparison of the French and Russian Revolutions.

Topics: Communism, Democracy, Russia Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: October 24, 2004
The French and Russian Revolutions were both very dramatic and have influenced the political standings of both nations and nations surrounding them to this day. The Russian Revolution, although performed over 100 years later, is a great comparison to the French Revolution, due to their relative similarities and differences. Both nations were very powerful and at times had every nation in Europe afraid of them. Some afraid due to the great armies and some due to the idea of their political situations spreading, (commoners overthrowing the government.)

Both Russia and France began their Revolution lead by an absolute monarchy. In Russia's case the monarchy was the Tsar (Czar). The French began with a monarchy much like a king. Both nations went from Feudalism to capitalism and finally to communism. The system of capitalism is where the wealthy become wealthier by exploiting the poor. Communism is when citizens give, according to their ability, to others, according to their need. If you happened to be fairly wealthy and living alone you would donate some of your money to those poorer than u with children they need to support. Both nations had many peasants who loved the church. They loved the church because it was a beautiful building and it gave them a break from work. Both Nations had a very strong church that had power over the monarchy. A new government was formed which despised the church in both nations. Both governments were overthrown by commoners demanding more rights. During both revolutions many of the European nations feared the idea of communism spreading. During the French revolution most nations were lead by an absolute monarchy and feared the idea of the commoner's rivalry spreading. During the Russian revolution most nations had a capitalized government and were scared of the idea of communism spreading to their nations. Both nations were industrialized and had a motivated revolutionist.

Russia and France, although the revolutions shared many...
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