Essay Anthro 102 The Spirit Catches You

Topics: Culture, Hmong customs and culture, Ritual Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: November 12, 2013
In many cultures around the world people have the same problems to face as we do. They just refer to them by different words and or different meanings. In “The Spirit Catches You,” a young girl by the name of Lia has a condition that Western Medicine considers to be epilepsy, but in her culture of the Hmong they believe it to be qaug dab peg. Some might consider these two conditions of the body and soul to be the same thing or quite different. Western medicine's way of dealing with the issue is far from the same as Hmong culture and in most cases with different results. As much as Western medicine proves to be right the Hmong are still questionable about accepting a new way of treatment in their culture and so are many other cultures for that matter.

Most people in Western Medicine and in the rest of the world don't know what qaug dab peg is exactly. When given test results about the patient in question they could assess that quag dab peg is indeed epilepsy. But to the Hmong culture it is nothing more than a lost escaped soul that needs to return to the body. In my personal opinion I honestly think they are the same condition, its just that Western medicine has established a more advanced way to look into health issues. Instead of Hmong beliefs, Western medicine is based off of facts. Although to many it may seem as though its silly to do rituals for a supposed “Lost Soul”, but to the Hmong this is very much a real thing and to some is literally life and death.

The care of a healthy body is the same in most respects, but the way they do it between Western medicine and Hmong culture are very different. Although many attempts were given at Lia's condition with Western medicine, on the third time a resident doctor named Dan Murphy was there to help with Lia's situation. With translation of English to Hmong limited or even none at all, he proceeded to admit her as an inpatient at MCMC where over the next three days she underwent tests such as...
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