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Topics: Communism, Political philosophy, Government Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Unidad Educativa “Martim Cerere”
Name: Domenica Granda
Course: Tercero de Bachillerto B
Date: 14/10/13

Democracy vs Totalitarianism in China
Democracy and Totalitarianism are two concepts that differ from each other to a great extent. Democracy is a form of government in which all the citizens have an equal say in matters concerning their lives. On the other hand totalitarianism is a political system wherein a single person bestowed with all powers recognizes no limit to his powers. Totalitarianism aims at regulating all aspects of public and private life. Democracy is the rule of the people whereas totalitarianism is the rule of a single powerful person. This is one of the main differences between the two political systems called democracy and totalitarianism.

On the contrary democracy does not impose restriction of speech on the citizens. On the other hand it does not curb the power and the decision making right of the individual citizen. In democracy citizens have great share in state decision making whereas in totalitarianism the single person with whom the power lies alone is bestowed with the power of state decision speaking. All citizens are considered equal before law in the case of democracy. The question of equality of citizens does not arise at all in totalitarianism.

China today the leaders declared it: "Communism with Chinese Characteristics" (aka: Free market capitalism with no democracy).  When it comes to economy and day to day life, they will not call it 'Communism'. The people are free to buy and sell things freely and they will even say that economically there are more freedom then the US. When it comes to politics, they DO have a totalitarian government. They don't have freedom of speech or freedom of the press and they don't have any political power outside the communist party. 

But a Chinese wouldn’t call it a bad thing. No one government system is perfect. In China democracy just won't work, they are just not use...
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