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Essay #12
Business Consumer Decision Making and Beyond

Name: Estefanía Gutiérrez Sanmiguel
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Teacher’s Name: Homero Humberto Martínez Aguirre

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Business consumer Decision Making and Beyond
The first step of consumer decision making is need recognition. The meaning of need recognition is that consumers begin to recognize their actual need beyond the desired need. Recognizing the desired need truly is so important for consumers to take action for the next step. Furthermore, the actual need in this context is defined as the need consumers have abilities to meet. Since Statt demonstrated that the gap between the actual need and the desired need may influence the consumer behavior. In other words, to some extent, the higher degree of the gap between the actual need and the desired need can weaken the consumers' motivation for purchasing and the relevant behavior.

Internal search is based on consumer own purchase experience, and products and service knowledge from the post experience and learning. Faced with the need of new products and service, most consumers will recognize and understand these new products and service from the aspect of the comparison between the information on new products and service and their own experience and knowledge. When not processing and recognizing these new products and service, external search will be implemented and may play a significant role in the step of information search.  Based on the understanding of information and knowledge on products and service, then consumers will narrow and evaluate their choices. Alternative evaluation often refers to personal preference and the criteria viewed as the most important elements. From the perspective of the most important criteria evaluating the choices and...
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