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Topics: Decision theory, Management, Leadership Pages: 8 (2123 words) Published: October 18, 2014
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Management Foundations and Applications, 2nd Asia-Pacific Edition John R. Schermerhorn, Paul Davidson, David Poole, Peter Woods, Alan Simon, Ellen McBarron 2014 John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd 2011, 2014

ISBN 978-1-118-56238-3

Management may be rendered ineffective by employee’s failing to take responsibility or manager’s refusing to demand accountability. Define accountability and responsibility with reference to McCallum and Poor. Introduction:

Management theory is not a single theory. It is a complex process and a multidisciplinary field of study. It is argued that management may be rendered ineffective by employee’s failing to take responsibility or manager’s refusing to demand accountability. However, it is also argued that the study of accountability factor has been a less important area in the productivity management. It is often regarded as a subset of the responsibility (Mohanty, 1993). Consideration of the concept of accountability is a useful way of examining and clarifying both individual and group behaviour. This essay is going to discuss the nature of accountability and responsibility. First, it discusses the definition of accountability and responsibility according to literature review. Then it discusses the relationship between accountability and responsibility. Thirdly it discusses how managers may reinforce responsibility and accountability in their interactions with subordinates. Finally, it discusses whether clear accountability and responsibility structures result in higher organizational performance levels.

Mohanty, R. 1993, ‘The importance of accountability in managing productivity’, Work Study, vol.42, no.5, pp.13-14


Responsibility is tied into class specification, or a department. Responsibility is defined in an effective system. In order to make the system become successful and effective, there are several principles: 1. A proper division of responsibilities.

2. Sufficient power conferred to enable the same to be fully carried out, that such responsibilities may be real in their character. 3. The means of knowing whether such responsibilities are faithfully executed. 4. Great promptness in the report of all derelictions of duty, that evils may be at once corrected. 5. Such information, to be obtained through a system of daily reports and checks that will not embarrass principal officers, nor lessen their influence with their subordinates. 6. The adoption of a system, as a whole, which will not only enable the General Superintendent to detect errors immediately, but will also point out the delinquent. McCallum, D 1856, "Report of the Superintendent of the New York and Erie Railroad to the Stockholders, for the Year Ending September 30" in: Annual Report. New York and Erie Railroad Company 1856, pp. 33-97. James Mooney developed the concept of responsibility with in the three primary management principles he established. (1) the co-ordination principle;

(2) the scalar principle; and
(3) the functional principle.
Co-ordination involves individuals performing activities together to obtain common goals and objectives. The scalar principle is described as the rating of duties of the organization according to the degrees of authority and corresponding responsibility. The functional principle was defined as the differentiation between various kinds of duty.

Pindur, W., Rogers, S. and Kim, P. 1995, “The history of management: a global perspective”, Journal of Management History (Archive), vol.1, no.1, pp.59-77.

All subordinates should be accountable to and be directed by their immediate superiors only; as obedience cannot be enforced where the foreman in immediate charge is interfered with by a superior officer giving orders directly to his subordinates. All that is required to render tho efforts of railroad companies in every respect equal to that of individuals, is a rigid system of personal accountability through every grade of...
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