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Characteristics of Educational Technology
1. Educational technology is based on the application of the scientific knowledge.2. Educational Technology has contributed in developing various methods, for example, micro-teaching method, simulatedteaching, interaction analysis, audio-visual aids and programmed learning method.3. In the field of educational technology, psychology, science, technology, system, art, audio-visual aids and machines areused.4. Educational technology is helpful in making the teaching process objective, easy, clear, interesting and scientific.5. In educational technology, the provision of measuring tools is emphasized for the evaluation of learning outcomes.6. A desired changes is possible in the behaviour of teachers and pupils.7. Educational technology is a continuous dynamic technology.8. Educational technology encourages learning by controlling the environment Complete Information on Educational Technology - Characteristics, Nature, Objectives and Components of Educational Technology SENTHIL KUMAR EDUCATION

Modern age is the age of science and technology. The world of today is very dynamic. The life of man in the primitive age was altogether different from his life in this sputnik age.

There have been tremendous changes in the life style of human beings which may be attributed to the contribution of science and technology, science has extended the frontiers of our knowledge in various ways and directions. Science is considered to be a blessing to mankind. Nothing better has happened than the advent of science in man's life. The contribution of science and technology has been experienced in almost all the spheres of human life including education. Before understanding the meaning of educational technology it is essential to know the meaning of technology. The word 'technology' has been taken from the Greek word (techniques) which means an art and which is related with skill and dexterity. The term 'technology' implies the application of science to art. The concept of technology has developed during the last few years. It is a new area in the discipline of education. Educational technology is comprised of two words education and technology. When we apply the science of learning and communication to teaching we evolve a technology. There are three major factors that emphasize the linking of education with technology.

(i) Explosion of population.

(ii) Explosion of new knowledge.

(iii) Explosion of scientific and technological development.

Educational Technology is concerned with the development, application, and evaluation of system, techniques and aids to improve the process of human learning.

It could be conceived as a science of techniques, methods and media by which educational goals could be realised.

Generally the term "Technology" denotes the systematic application of the knowledge of science to practical tasks in industry. Hence, "Educational Technology" may be roughly defined as the systematic application of the knowledge of sciences to practical tasks in Education.

It is not primarily concerned with the task of prescribing the goal although it does help in specifying the goals and translating them in behavioral terms.

It is a communication process resulting from the adaptation of the scientific method to the behavioral science of teaching/learning. Educational Technology widely accepted as the application of system approach in the systematic design of a learning system to bring about improvement in teaching-learning evaluation process.

It is not an end in itself but a means to accomplish some educational and instructional objectives already determined and clearly defined. It tries to make the whole teaching-learning process more and more meaningful for both the teachers and the learners.

It modifies teacher's method of teaching and learner's behaviour for their own betterment and for the betterment of the mankind. It is not the same thing as...
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