Environment Against Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Carbon dioxide Pages: 10 (3385 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Running Head: Global warming and the world ecological system


Currently, the accelerated rate of urban development highlights the vital need of creating more outdoor places for relaxation and leisure activities of the society. However the thermal situation and the thermal consciousness of users have not been entirely explored in outdoor atmosphere of warm and humid climate. This fact elucidates the need for in view of individual thermal comfort in outdoor spaces with such climates. Therefore in this study quantitative field learning was applied to examine outdoor thermal relieve in hot and humid tropical climate of Malaysia. Thermal conditions of outdoor places were evaluated based leading the height of major climatic parameters whereas the thermal insights of subjects were captured at the same time using a questionnaire survey. The study concerted on the cool outdoor places within the campus of university putra Malaysia while the focus was on the students of university counting local and international individuals as the respondents of investigation. Meanwhile the psychologically equivalent temperature (PET) thermal comfort index was utilized to review the thermal comfort circumstances of chosen areas. Consequences from this research indicated above and beyond the extensive role of the ecological factors thermal amendment and mental parameters strongly influence human comfort intensity in outdoor places. Furthermore, this study represents that there is a major distinction between the responses of the local and international subjects regarding the climatic conditions. The ultimate result of the study contributes toward creating comfortable outdoor spaces in warm and humid contexts to increase the extent of outdoor life in cities.

A biological atmosphere in which the organisms interact with all the living, non living, and physical components in a particular area such as air, soil, water, and sunlight is known as the ecological system. A slow but sure increase in the earth's average surface temperature is known as the global warming. Global warming is considered to be one of the most important factors behind the deterioration of the ecological system.  Global warming occurs because of different causes, but mainly it is associated with human interference, particularly the emission of greenhouse gases excessively (EPA, 2006). Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into conflicting factions on it (Blair, 2005). Human activities like deforestation, pollution, and increasing population can also result in global warming. It is considered to be a type of green house effect. Global warming is affecting the world ecological system by increasing the danger for species destruction, particularly in bio diverse ecosystems, because intense climate situation like hurricanes, draughts and heavy downpours turn out to be more common. The Impact of global warming on the ecological and social environment is the persistent increase in worldwide temperatures, climate change which includes the active temperature record, increasing sea levels, and decreased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere. The practical increase in global average temperature is due to the continuous increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. The physical impact of global warming on the ecological environment or system is the increase in global average air and ocean temperatures, extensive melting of snow and ice, and mounting global average sea level. The earth should always maintain balance between the outward radiation and the inward solar energy. Any alteration in the factors that influence this procedure of energy distribution earth’s temperature will change itself and will affect many aspects of the environment and the ecological system. There are the different natural and...

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