Entrance Test: Faculty of Health Sciences

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Admission Test Centre
Date and venue of the test centres have been indicated on the Admit Card. Applicants should indicate one centre of their choice in the space provided in the Application Form. In case the Admit Card does not reach you on time, you are advised to take the Test at a convenient Centre bringing a photocopy of the application form and photo ID with you for identification.

The University has not authorized any publications or any preparatory classes for this Test. Structure of the Test
The total duration of the admission test would be 2 hours and 30 minutes All questions carry equal marks, there is no negative marking. The test paper is divided into various sections comprising multiple choice questions. Distribution of the questions in various sections is as follows: Section I

This section comprises two components which aim to test competency in the English language: Component 1: 30 multiple choice questions to test structure, cohesion and vocabulary. Component 2: a summative paragraph from notes which will be provided. The time given to complete Section I will be 1 hour and 15 minutes. There will be no negative marking for this section.

Section II
II A. This section will comprise 20 multiple choice questions in Biological Sciences The time given to complete this section is 30 minutes.
II B. This section will also comprise 20 multiple choice questions in Mathematics. Candidates will be given 30 minutes to complete this section. II C. This section will also include 10 multiple choice questions to ascertain their Logical reasoning skills.

The time given to complete this section is 15 minutes.
hP D in Health Scienc se
The Aga Khan University
Medical College
Faculty of Health Sciences
Answering MCQs
The candidates are expected to attempt all questions, selecting the correct answer by darkening the corresponding box in the given answer sheet, e.g. if D is the correct answer for a question, your answer should be marked as under:

Please Note: - Use a dark pencil to make dark marks
- To change an answer, erase completely
The University expects honesty from applicants. Dishonest behaviour during the Test or violation of instructions given by the examiner will result in irrevocable disqualification of the applicant from entering the selection process.

Component I: Structure, Cohesion and Vocabulary
Directions: Each passage below has ten numbered gaps, each gap indicating that something has been omitted. Read the entire text carefully and then look at the possible answers A, B, C or D below to complete the gap.

Choose the option for each gap that best fits the meaning of the sentence or passage as a whole. Example
Imagine that you have arrived at a leading Asian university to take part in a study of learning and memory. You go into a room …. 1….thirty year-old biology lecturer, the experimenter, whose demeanour is rather stern. The other person in the room is also there to take part in the experiment. He is a rotund forty-five year old accountant who is mild mannered and likeable. The experimenter ….2….the effects of punishment on learning. It is decided, apparently by drawing lots, that the accountant will be the learner and you will be the teacher. You all go into an adjacent room where the learner is strapped into an "electric chair" apparatus and an electrode…..3….wrist. You are told that the electrode is connected to a nearby shock generator unit. 1. A. and you met a

B. and are met by a
C. where you stand next to
D. where stands
2. A. is less likeable but serious in terms of
B. has been discovered through
C. says that he is interested to study
D. tells you that he is interested in studying
3. A. is attached to his
B. attaches tightly on his
C. is attached by virtue of the
D. can be attached through the
Answers: 1. B 2. D 3. A
Component II: Writing
Claim: Observation of glaciers suggests a...
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