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Topics: Military, Soldier, Learning Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Dancing through the learning process.
CR1. Inks define the learning process in this essay as: “…a complex process to define; people learn at different rates, with different approaches, and different levels of satisfaction.” She compares the learning process in school with the learning process of dance and how the behavior show in one can have positive influences in the other. During this comparison the author reflects qualities that the student can learn during both process that can be run-through his life. The students cannot see how steps in the process of learning can be compared to learning to read or write but those steps could help to achieve their purpose in school or personal life.

CR2. Inks’s definition has the purpose to inform about how the learning process in student can be related to the process of learning to dance. With this essay the author reflects the connection between both processes. When the process in either one if this classes is evaluated, we can indicated that learning has or has not occurred. No matter what the subject is, learning steps for success will be always the same, practice, and experimentation. Another way to see the purpose of this essay is that no matter what you are learning, math, history, or art, the interest on the matter is what it really makes you reach your goals.

CR3. For me Inks Offer an objective definition of the learning process. During this essay she defines her ideas objectively, making direct points on her ideas. How the learning process to dance can have a stretch relation with the process of learn to write and read. As in dance, school also requires dedication, practice and constancy. Learning a combination of steps in dance not only can help with posture but also helps to refine memorization techniques that latter can be apply in school.

CL1. The comparisons that Inks made in this essay are quite realistic and practical. During the text she use and extended metaphor in order to...
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