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What is language? We are taught that it is communication. It is the spoken or written words that humans use to converse. There are so many languages and different ways children are taught. Some families move after living in one area for a decent amount of time and have to pick up new languages. I am only familiar with English and could not imagine what it would be like mastering another language like many people can do today. I was curious and wanted to ask some questions with an English Language Learner student myself. Here are some questions and answers that I received during the interview with Suma Miah: -Where are you from?

-When did you and your family move here?
-What languages do you know how to speak?
“umm, I speak Bangali, ummm English, Hindi, and uuuum Urdhu.” -What was the very first language you began to speak?
-What was the easiest language for you to learn?
-What was it like learning English? Easy? Hard?
“Understandable. It was easier for me. I could pronounce better.” -What are you going to school for?
-Being bilingual and coming from another country, do you think it impact you decision on what you want to me? “No. I always wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little.”

-How will you use your learning experiences in your future of becoming a doctor? “It is a great experience for me. I have learned so many languages and can use that to relate to different people.” -Do you think ELL is important amongst elementary and middle school education? “yes; language equals deep understanding. Students will have a just much better situations and opportunities.”

After interviewing Suma, I got a better understanding on other peoples views on ELL students. Suma is my age and knows four other languages. She is not the only person out there that is bilingual. The U.S. Had a huge development in the number of English Language Learners at the beginning of the 21st century and increased the...
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