Effects of Climathe Change to the Agricultural Production in Minalabac, Camarines Sur

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Chapter I

Philippines had been one of the blessed countries for having a good temperature and rich soils for flora and fauna in this world. As an archipelago, we are surrounded by water which makes our natural land to be rich in minerals and nutrients that is good for plants. With the precise soil to plant on, the country provides the right place for agricultural growth and production. Agricultural sector in the country is one of the sources for living of the Filipino people. According to tradingeconomics.com, with 40.08% of agricultural land area in the whole Philippines by 2009, this would be one of the main sources of living for the Filipinos. Majority of this area was taken by rice crops which is the countries staple food. Because of this, rice produced in the Philippines is high compared to other crops. But as time passes, there are already changes that appear to our country. As we all know, we are undergoing climate change where sudden changes appear when it comes to temperature that brought calamities which affect the agricultural sector of the country. Typhoons, as one of climate change product, affect the agricultural sector through the recent years. Living on an area who’s one of the primary sources of income is on agriculture especially on rice, I am primarily concerned on how rice production is affected by the current issues today in climate change. The Municipality of Minalabac covers about 13,010.53 hectares of upland and crop areas which is about 90% of the total land area (Municipal Agriculture Office, 2006). That is why agricultural crops specifically rice had been the largest source of living in our municipality. As part of the Bicol region that is located beside the Pacific Ocean we are prone to typhoons. Typhoons on its nature, brings disaster to its affected area through intense flooding and strong winds that it brings (Ward, 2010). Especially on today’s generation where climate change is present and our weather may be sometimes unpredictable. Thus, I want to know how climate change affects the rice production in our municipality. Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to know the effect of climate change on rice production in Minalabac, Camarines Sur from 2006-2011.

Objectives of the Study
This study aims to
* know the effects of climate change through number of typhoons that affect the area. * know possible change in yield of the rice due to climate change. * propose policy recommendations to improve rice production from upcoming different climatic conditions.

Before conducting the study, the researcher assumes that the increase in number of typhoons affecting Minalabac would negatively affect its agricultural rice produce. In this assumed situation, the researcher says that as the number of typhoons that visits the place increases, the lower the number of rice produced, then vice versa.


“The increase in the number of typhoons that passes the Municipality of Minalabac could negatively affect the Agricultural rice produce in the area”

Significance of the Study

The result of this study may be of great importance not only to the researcher but also to the following groups and agencies: To our society, for this study may be an eye opener to every individual for them to be aware on what is happening in the environment and its direct effect in the economy’s rice production. To my fellow citizens of Minalabac especially the farmers, where they can use this as a guide to evaluate their rice production and what they can do to improve it. To the recent and future leaders of our country, for this study may help them realize and focus more on the programs that will improve the rice production in the country that will adapt to the recent climate we have. To the students and teachers, for this study may be used by teachers as a reference material for teaching the students about production and To the Department of Agriculture, where...

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