Effects of Climate Change in Africa and ways of mitigation

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Effects of Climate Change in Africa and the ways of Mitigation.

Introduction .
Climate has changed has had many negative effects on the continent of Africa and many other parts of the world. Temperatures have risen causing severe droughts and dry spells. Precipitation has risen in some parts of the and has completely fallen in other parts of the African continent, leading to cases of hunger, outbreak of diseases draughts and flooding. What has caused these changes in climate? The main causes of climate change include emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by sources such as industrial plants and motor vehicles. Animals such as cattle also contribute to the causes of climate change by releasing a gas called methane. Deforestation and the release of greenhouse gases are amongst the many human influenced factors that have led to the change in climate. These gases collect in the atmosphere to form a barrier that traps the outgoing heat (long wave radiation), this intern heats up the atmosphere causing higher temperatures all over the world which then leads to drastic changes in the climate. Unfortunately, Africa being one of the poorest continents in the world has suffered severely and will continue to drown in poverty because of the changes in climate. (Strahler,2011:101; Pittock, 2009:xiv-xv) Adapting to the changes of climate is difficult and may be very expensive for many African countries. They could however reduce climate change effects by finding ways to reduce greenhouses gases in the atmosphere. This will not happen overnight but over a period of time. African countries could turn to green methods and this will help keep stable weather conditions which will not put a large number of people and animals under threat. The continent could turn to climate change mitigation, mitigation refers to refers to the elimination or reduction of the frequency, magnitude, or severity of exposure to environmental, economic, legal, or social risks, or minimization of the potential impact of a threat or warning. mitigation will help reduce the rate of expansion of the estimated existing 43 per cent off dry lands covering the continent.(UNEP 2009 15&17)

The importance of learning the effects of climate change and the ways of mitigation has many positive outcomes in the future for the African continent as a whole and prevent Domino effect of hunger, poverty and desertification amongst many other negative effects. By working towards a cleaner green environment, Africa would have escaped an increase in poverty and hunger which is our continents greatest threat due to increasing temperatures and decrease in rainfall, agriculture which is the continents backbone in food production and employment will decrease rapidly and cause many problems including mass migration. Mass migration to areas with resources will then lead to overpopulation and therefore spread poverty and hunger across the continent, as an increase in the number of people in an area will drain the regions resources.

Effects of Climate Change
Climate change has had negative effects on the agricultural sector in Africa, mainly caused by high temperatures and low rainfall in some parts continent. Areas such as Malawi, high temperatures caused draughts and vegetation loss. Domesticated animals, such as cattle were lost during this dry spell period. Hundreds of people also died of hunger, estimated three million people suffered from starvation. A large percentage of the continent rely on agriculture, with these high temperatures crops will die of thirst as the ground will have lost large amounts of water and will not have enough to sustain plant growth. By 2020 it’s estimated that crop...

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