Effective Communication Is Important in an Organization

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Q1. Effective communication is important in an organization because it creates mutual understanding environment between the management and employees. Directly, it also helps in increasing the employee's productivity.

Q2. Listening and retaining as much of the information communicated is the end result of being actively focused on your subject. In order to do that you must actively listen and take notes if necessary, and try to ask clarifying questions.

Q3. To gain understanding and knowledge, It helps to avoid you making a mistake, What you are demonstrating is that you have used your powers of analysis on the situation, and discovered there is an issue where your experience/ knowledge does not allow you to make a decision with which you would be confident. You would then seek advice from someone who possesses that knowledge, or indeed has the experience of similar situations, and apply that knowledge to the situation in hand (thus learning by other's experience). Using the better knowledge of others is maximising your company's knowledge

Q4. Keep each point concise. In an assignment you should make your point, explain it and back it up with evidence

Q5. You need to make yourself understood. Use language and terminology that is appropriate to the individual, all people have differing abilities to understand you might need to break down what you are saying or use visual prompts in order to be understood, speak slower and clearer if there is a language accent barrier

Q6. It is important to seem confident when communicating to other because if you are confident with what your saying the person you are speaking to will have confidence in it too.

Q7. It has a big effect on all people as its body language that is talking not your mouth also your facial expressions

Q8. Contributing to discussions will enable people to get a better idea of your views on different issues and doing this in a positive manner means that you are getting your opinion across without insulting other people or turning the discussion into an argument, which often benefits no one. Give everyone a fair chance to speak and remember that other people's opinions may be as valid as your own. Also, try to stay on topic and use relevant information and experiences to impact positively on the discussion

Q9. Most of them arrive by e-mail and staff on daily basis creates new documents. Most of the information is stored for future reference in computer directories, in filing cabinets, in box files and folders. The type of written information you see at work will depend upon your job role.

Q10. Skim through the information, underline the valid points and then select the main points.

Q11. Braille, large print, translated pages, colored background for dyslexia, and I would also add that the information is available as a taped recording for the blind

Q12. Planning your work gives you a timeline on when certain things need accomplished and when different stages of the plan are complete, need to be completed and so on. Accountability is key in identifying either strengths or weaknesses in your corporation

Q13. You agree them with your manager. Its important to meet them to show that you have knowledge of what is realistic, and also to show that you can deliver results that contribute to the overall business targets

Q14. Planning means deciding the best way to do something, taking into account the key factors involved. Planning is done to make the best use of our time and the other resources you need. Planning day-to-day work is called is called task management, planning to do longer and difficult job is called project management.

Q15. Problems normally relate to issues of resources, quality, and type of task or dead lines. Problems that can occur are roughly divided in two types Minor problems cause minor inconvenience and you can usually adjust what you are doing and keep going. Normally you are expected to solve most...
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