Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
Michael Brown
February 6, 2015
Bus101 Ms. Felicia Walters

Effective Communication
Effective communication is a factor in running a business into a successful future. Some people may think that effective communication is only about exchanging information, but it’s also about understanding the emotion behind the information. Using effective communication deepens the connection between who’s ever involved in the conversation. It is not all about delivering a message, but also listening and giving the opposite party respect. Showing interest in others raise the respect levels for what you are trying to get them to understand too. I first started my job at U.P.S in 2002 I had trouble understanding the actual routine of the job I was assigned for. My first couple of weeks my boss called me in the office and got on to me for not doing my job properly. The problem with him was that he felt as if every employee in time would just catch on to the job I was performing. He experienced a lot of backlash from employees for not simply taking the time to speak to the employees in a meeting on what was expected and how we can get it done. Funny enough a year later he was let go for poor work methods and basically not encouraging the employees to increase our drive towards the company. Our new manager came in and he looked like the type who was a drill seargent about getting things done right. The thing is he was a very understanding guy and understood that everyone’s level of mastering this job was running at different paces. He literally sat down with us individually and first told us what he expected out of us as employees. Then he asked us what did we think could be done to improve our experience there and help the company at the same time. He was not the type that thought he was always right, but was more on trying to negotiate so the company could improve and our attitudes towards the company would too. One reason that I realized...
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