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What Every Student Should Learn While in High School
I have being hired by the Fort Myers High School to develop an Ethics class that will be mandatory for all students during the full school year. To best develop the class curriculum I did some research on specifics ethical issues that teenagers are facing in the world nowadays. I found that teenagers need an extra help developing a good character, good values and good manners. Moreover, they need to learn how to respect authorities over their lives. Also, they need to learn how to be prepared to face sexuality in a positive way, taking full responsibility for their actions.

Although many parents have different religious views and moral values, this course is justifiable to be mandatory for every student, because regardless of religion, morality and political views, all students need to learn about ethical topics that will guide them towards a more successful life. In the beginning of our semester, students will be presented with concepts about moral value. They will be taught how to develop their own ideas about it, and how to keep the moral values that they considered to be important for themselves and the society in which they live. I want my students to learn how to love and appreciate themselves as a human being, finding the goodness about life. Next, my goal is to teach students how to demonstrate their moral responsibilities with our society using respect; respect for themselves, their families, their families, their neighbors. I also expect every student to leave our classroom with a different attitude towards the world in which they live. And lastly, students will learn about sex. From this section, I want all my students to understand that although sex is meant for pleasure, however, responsibility is necessary.

Our high school is proud to offer this course to our students. We believe that it can help the students to make a better world for themselves and our future generation. The Ethics...
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