Education Comes Not from Books but from Practical Experiences

Topics: Knowledge, Education, Philosophy of science Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Education comes not from books but from practical experiences. An educated person has always been described as someone who reads many diverse books, while it is also commonly said that experience is the best teacher. The widely debated topic of the primary source of education has been a prima discussion as people tend to mix up the importance of books and practical experiences in the process of education.” In this essay, I will discuss the importance of both parties in education and express my views of why the statement “education comes not from books but from practical experiences” is very correct. Firstly, I would talk about the importance of books and why education cannot be fully achieved without it. Secondly, I would discuss the greater effect that practical experiences have on education and how it is also highly beneficial to the educational process. Thirdly, I would give examples of cases where education comes more from experience than from books. General research on the life of most successful people has shown that books provide understanding upon which experience is built. The use of books in every institution has been made an important aspect because without books, quality education cannot be achieved. For instance, there are situations where you have to read a book first to learn the required manual skills before applying what has been read practically. Take the case of someone who has never read a book on doctoring and wants to perform a surgery. Without that knowledge gained from books, they do not know the basic procedures to carry it out. Most people believe that experiences like parenting, pregnancy, cooking, driving and so forth cannot be known if they are not practiced physically but nevertheless, there are books on all these issues which will provide a better insight on what is experienced. Seeger (2013) said, ”Education is when you read the fine prints and experience is what you get when you don’t”. However, books are passive means of...
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