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Education system of any country is the backbone for its future. . In India, Education System is synonymous with exams .Our education system proves out to be world’s best but only in terms of mugging and reciting things like a poem.. We from our childhood are made to learn that if you cannot understand a sentence or have problem understanding it, just mug it up and learn for exams. MUGGING IS THE TECHNIQUE.

This is the basic concept that everyone follows-just study for exams and forget everything post exams .Let me give a very basic example ,this is what happens to us all the time, out teachers ask us do you remember such and such thing and we say oh I learnt that but now I don’t remember it. It is not about remembering it but the truth is we never understood it. We just mugged it up and wrote in exams. Parents, Teachers and more importantly we the students are responsible. We ignore the importance of understanding basic concepts and mug them up without understanding a word. THREATS.WARNINGS, DEADLINES

The second point that I want to make is that we are never made to enjoy our studies .It is always like a duty on her part to perform. Children face threats and warnings regarding their studies. Eg .If you do not study well you will end up picking garbage or your fate would be like that of a beggar. Children in tension mug whatever they can and pass exams by hook or by crook. They know concepts theoretically but have no practical knowledge of it. THE RACE RUNNER.

Yes .you heard m right. We are educated not only to be a rational human being but to win the race of marks from the children of our neighbors ,immediate family relations ,far off relations. If two children of same age are in same class automatically they are competing for this title. You are suppose to get 100 out of 100 no matter what ,because your marks will become the marker for the family’s status. Endless hours are spent on child’s tuitions and then his...
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