Edna's Suicide

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Awakening Project
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Edna’s Moral Option
Edna’s death after her “awakening” was not necessary because there are other ways for Edna to suffer from her sinful actions. Suicide should never be an option. However, the use of this in Chopin’s story creates a very powerful reaction within the reader. So it is an option for this tale to cause effect.

Suicide is absolutely not the only plausible outcome for woman in this time in history. As powerful as a suicide can be in a story, the story could also have been just as powerful if Chopin had gone in the direction of how Edna overcame her depression by caring for her family and realizing how selfish she was being by partaking in this affair.

Edna would have absolutely still undergone depression after her crimes, but to see her overcome this and become greatful for and invest herself in the family she was already blessed with would have been inspiring. This option also would have pleased the moral audience that does not want to read about such an immoral and selfish woman.

Edna’s character could have gone in a completely different direction, and instead of being a terrible example to women of her society, she could have inspired women who have committed immoral crimes that are feeling depressed in the way Edna felt. Women could have been shown to be selfless and invest their time and love in there family to overcome the sinful lust that entered their hearts.

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