Economics and Comparative Advantage

Topics: Economics, International trade, Explanation Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Fantasy Football
In the “Fantasy Football” article Isaac Morehouse explains opportunity cost and comparative advantage by providing an illustration into everyday life. He provides the example of the fantasy football commissioner’s veto to economics in everyday life. He explain how sometimes you need to think “outside of the box” if you will. I would assign this essay a solid B. I feel this article deserves a B because it is a good example for me to relate to however, if you don’t understand anything about football (real or fantasy) it may be a little harder to understand the relationship between real world economics and the example. A Brief History of the Concept of Comparative Advantage

In the “Brief History” article Morgan Rose explains the concept of comparative advantage by explaining the origination of the concept. He provides a look into the history of comparative advantage and the coining of the term. I would assign this article an A because even though it is a boring history essay it is 100% to the point and informative. For example, the author writes about how the terms evolved over the years. Pineapples Shouldn’t Be Grown in North Dakota

In the essay “Pineapples Shouldn’t Be Grown in North Dakota” authors Lusk and Norwood explain comparative advantage by a method of explanation. The authors explain how comparative advantage relates to buying local produce. They give 4 separate arguments on how local produce effects comparative advantage. I would assign this article an A because it provides articulate example of comparative advantage. For example they use direct quotations from authors in the essay. Free Trade Benefits High-Paid U.S. Workers

In “Free Trade Benefits High-Paid U.S. Workers” author Lee explain comparative advantage by the method of application. He extends the concept of comparative advantage to reflect on current events and public policies. For example he uses a model problem with the United States and Brazil trading cars and...
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