Economic Systems

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Economic Systems

Numerous and diverse economic systems have been established throughout the course of global history, impacting society in various ways. Many of these systems include manorialism, capitalism, communism, market economy, and many more. An economic system that has greatly influenced a specific region and its society is communism, established in Russia during the Russian Revolution. During and after World War I, Russia was in chaos due to the opposition of czarist rule, economic hardships, and other dissatisfactions of many. Due to these complications, Russians were pleading for economic and political changes. Communism in Russia immensely affected Russian society as some oppressed this regimen, while others benefited from it.

This economic system had numerous features, both good and bad. Following the end of czarist rule, Vladimir Lenin, and later Joseph Stalin, came into power as leader of the Bolsheviks, or the Communists, those who deeply desired communist ideas for a government. Vladimir Lenin and his Communist Party established the Soviet Union, which by Joseph Stalin, was made into a communist and totalitarian state, which is ruled by one dictator. A factor of communism in Russia set by Stalin was the Great Purge. During this enforcement, those who resisted the government, going against their ideals, were executed or exiled from society. If any were even accused of opposition towards the government, they would be brutalized, murdered or removed from their country. This action sparked great fear in the people of the Soviet Union, as they were forced to be harshly subordinate to Stalin.

Another factor of Communist Russia is that it was primarily supported by a command economy. A command economy, imposed by Stalin during the Russian Revolution, is when the government establishes all economic decisions and regulations, and the government manages all businesses and farms. Stalin permitted no private businesses during this time period. This...
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