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Assisted suicide is when one or more individuals intentionally ends another person’s life due to several reasons and one of the main reason is said to relieve the pain and suffering of the patients. It is most likely comes from the choice of the patients itself to decide in ending their own lives. But why does the thought of ending their live comes into their mind so easily? The thoughts of life after death and also their family’s feeling when they request for assisted suicide. Assisted suicide may seem like a good thing at first sight, but after a closer analysis, we will realise it is a serious mistakes to legalize assisted suicide. Supporters in having assisted suicide legalized are said to focus merely on the patient’s choice and their will in requesting for assisted suicide. This may leads to the left out of several negative impacts in the future and further analysis should be carry out for assisted suicide to be legalised. Thus, we must be able to separate ourselves from the negative thoughts of life and rather, think about the significant dangers that can be cause if assisted suicide is legalized as a public policy in the society. By then, there will definitely a lots of unintended consequences in assisting suicide ( Golden, n.d. ). Due to differ in views, most of the countries are currently against assisted suicide and are refusing to legalize assisted suicide. However, there are already few countries which had assisted suicide legalized with certain condition of the patients according to the law. Although countries that legalized assisted suicide shows concrete reason in doing so, the society are still concern about the question of ‘ Should assisted suicide be legalized?’

Research has been conducted and it seems to point out that assisted suicide should not be legalized among society for the reason of life being precious. Secondly, more people will exploit this policy as an easy way to seek for death. Lastly, most religions...
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