Earth Is Changing

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Earth is changing

We often think of the Earth as a stable and safe place to live. The landscape we see seems timeless and impossible to influence. At the same time, we know there are a lot of forces that affect our planet and change it. Some changes are quick, such as when earthquakes and volcanic eruptions break the ground or covering it with lava. Other changes may take millions of years, such as wind or the abrasive forces of water. The hunt for food, searching for land to cultivate, etc. has always pushed the man to explore the earth. Exploration for natural resources, metals and riches, as well as for scientific truth, to reveal the secrets of nature has always pushed the man forward. These are some reasons why the Earth has changed as much as it did until today. The geology has evolved into one of the most important contemporary sciences, perhaps of greatest importance for our everyday life. What affects the climate on our earth? What causes earthquakes? What does our future look like? How has Earth changed through time? It is here I will try to answer it in my work.

Building forces
The building forces are driven by energy from within the earth. There are movements in the earth's interior, in the mantle, which allows different crustal plates to constantly move and change. When two plates collide with each other, it cracks and mountain chains are formed. Meanwhile the constructive forces are also the ones that create the deepest oceans. When two plates collide and one of them is pressed for the second plate, a deep-sea tomb is forming. The plates move very different, some only a few centimetres per year, others can move decimetres per year. One effect of plate movement is that it along the cracks in the crust it is common that it will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The vegetation exchanger
As the climate has changed, means that also plant propagation has changed. For about 6000 - 7000 years ago, the climate in Scandinavia was warmer than it is today. When deciduous trees grew much more, than they do today. Most tree species has spread into Sweden from the south after the ice disappeared. Climate change

Scientists who study how the climate was before, is called paleoclimatology. They sometimes use "environmentally historical archives." The archives does not consist of books, instead they study layers of rocks, sediments, peat or ice. Most of the stored rocks consist of petrified sea sediments. The rocks are different types of fossils, imprints or remains of plants and animals. The research in Sweden has shown that in limestone’s around Gotland, which is an island between Sweden and Finland, have fossils of corals and “sea lilies”. This shows that the water was much warmer than it is today. Another way to measure climate change is to measure the carbon dioxide content of air bubbles contained in the Greenland ice sheet. Carbon dioxide is the one of the so-called greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide in the air increases the temperature of the air. Studies show that C2O - dioxide in the atmosphere was significantly lower during the Ice Age.

Continental movements and sunspots.
There are several reasons that the climate is changing. One important reason is continental movement. The seawater was warmer before, as limestones around Gotland were formed hundreds of millions of years ago. How could those limestones have fossils of corrals inside? It is because Sweden was located at the equator. The Yugoslavian geophysicist Milankovitch (1879-1956) showed that the climate-changes that caused the Ice Ages is because of the Earth's orbit around the sun. This explains the long-term changes in climate, which was going on for thousands of years. We do not know the cause of the short-term change. One probable reason is that the sun every eleventh year, is covered over a large area of sunspots. At these times, increasing solar radiation from the sun and it gets warmer.

Does the human being...
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