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Individual Phone Plan Selection

DSS Requirements Specification

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Table of Contents



1.2Decision Environment5



1.5Desired Outcome5



1.8Revision History6


2.1Infrastructure Requirements (Hardware, Software, Networks)7

2.2Interface Requirements7

2.3Data Requirements8

2.4Algorithms/Computational Requirements8

2.5Required Rules/Heuristics9


3.1Screen for entering minutes, messages, data requirement and cell phone plan type.13

3.2Screens for multiple decision criteria with thresholds and weights and Cellphone plan Scoring14

3.3Cellphone Data Requirement Calculator15

3.4Coverage Viewer16


1 Purpose

Major Cellphone carriers like Verizon, Sprint, ATT, and Cricket offer various cellphone plans to suit customers with varying needs and to attract customers. An individual shopping for a cellphone plan is overwhelmed with the abundance of plan information available. For the lowest monthly due the user wants to select the optimum cellphone plan which satisfies his basic requirement. At the same time the user also wants a cellphone plan that is supported by a reliable carrier and which offers some great phone selections.

In this decision support system, I am trying to decide the optimum cell phone plan with lowest monthly cost which meets my needs. As there are many add-on packages for minutes, messages and data provided by a carrier; the system also takes those into account for finding the ideal plan with the minimum add-ons costs.

2 Decision Environment

This DSS relies on the individual cellphone plan data available on the carriers’ website to recommend the user the best plan which meets his needs. As such the decision analysis can be done from anywhere where an internet connection is available to get the carrier data.

3 Users

I am the only user for this decision support system.

4 Approach

Selecting the best individual cellphone plan is a semi structured problem. Deciding a plan with the lowest cost is structured and mathematical formulas can be used to find the total plan cost. But there are other considerations which the user needs to take into account like reliability of service, phone selections, and speed of data service before deciding a plan. This is the untrusted part of the decision and a decision model with many concurrent criteria. Multiple decision criteria with corresponding thresholds and weights can be used for this DSS.

5 Desired Outcome

This DSS helps the user to find the best cellphone plan with any add-on packages required which meets his requirements at the lowest monthly cost.

6 Justification

Selecting a cellphone plan is a decision with many concurrent criteria. The decision maker wants to optimize on the price he pays for the cell phone plan meeting his basic requirement of number of minutes, messages and size of data. But there are also other important criteria like coverage of the carrier, selection of phones, cell phone data speed, contract requirements which affects his decision. This is not a simple decision and involves evaluation of the different criteria once the plans which satisfy the minimum requirements are selected.

Cellphone sale professionals and customer service representatives possess the expert knowledge about phone plans and features. They can help customers selecting a cellphone plan. But many a times the user also wants to...
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