Drosophila Melanogaster - Sex Linkage and Inheritance of Genes Through Cross Breeding

Topics: Genetics, Sex linkage, Drosophila melanogaster Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Drosophila melanogaster - Sex linkage and inheritance of genes through cross breeding

This experiment looks at the relationship between genes, generations of a population and if genes are carried from one generation to another. By studying Drosophila melanogaster, starting with a parent group we crossed a variety of flies and observe the characteristics of the F1 generation. We then concluded that sex-linked genes and autosomal genes could indeed be traced through from the parent generation to the F1 generation. Introduction

Sex linkage and inherited genes allow us to predict and understand how and why certain animals and plants inherit features from their parents while some don’t. Sex linkage is the condition in which a gene responsible for a specific trait is located on a sex chromosome, resulting in sexually dependent inheritance of the trait (Houghton Mifflin Company 2009). As the first sex-linked gene was found in Drosophila melanogaster (Ladiges, Pauline Y 2012) it is appropriate to use them in the study to determine how sex-linked chromosomes effect the offspring. By crossing the male and female Drosophila with different traits we observed the F1 generation and how sex-linked chromosomes were carried into the F1 generation as well as autosomal or inherited genes (Miko, I. 2008). The traits we looked at were the eye colour for sex-linked genes and vestigial wings for the autosomal genes. Materials and method

Firstly we paired off into groups of two and each group received two small plastic vials containing Drosophila melanogaster, one containing only males with the vestigial wing gene (Vg) and the other vial containing only females with the white eye gene (W). Alternate groups were given the opposite pairing (Vg females and W males). The vials had approx. 1cm of white media for the flies to use as food and to lay their eggs in and a foam stopper at the top as to not restrict air flow. We then had to decant the flies into one vial by first...

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