Dress for Success

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Many people take the terms ‘Dress for Success’ and ‘Dress to Impress’ very seriously. I would know because I am one of those people.

Dress to impress means a lot to me. On the first day of school, I want people to look at me and think, ”Whoa. Who is she? I love her outfit.” I can infer that I’m not the only one to like receiving positive comments. Most of my friend’s faces glow with pride when they receive a compliment on their clothing. I don’t mean to sound stereotypical, but once in a while people naturally judge others by appearance. I admit, I do this sometimes too. Even though some people are like that, it is also a good idea to interact with different people, even if they don’t dress well. You never know when you’ll make a new friend.

Dress for success is also extremely important to me. While the concept ‘Dress to Impress’ is generally with almost everyone, ‘Dress for Success’ is mainly with teachers. If a person dresses for success, you can tell what type that person is on the outside, maybe the inside. I wouldn’t be implying that you would have to dress like a nerd to impress your math teacher. Show your academic skills and you’re golden. From my perspective, I say, match your academic knowledge and your fashion sense, to achieve the phrase ‘Dress for Success’.

To summarize, Dressing for impressions is good and can help you a lot, but knowledge and common sense is also important to have. So my point is that you can get the best of both worlds.
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