Does Morality Depend on Religion?

Topics: Morality, Religion, Ethics Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: September 8, 2011
Does Morality Depend on Religion?
Ever since the beginning of times people have believed that morality can only be understood by religion. It is believed that religion is the basic foundation and the code they accept to set their moral aspects of life. Any non religious views only depict the world as a realm that is in complete chaos. Since morality is best understood by religion; the clergy, who are the religious authorities are assumed to be the authorities of morality as well. The clergy consist of people who occupations revolve around religion such as priests and pastors. Even though there are only mere human beings, there are viewed to have the ultimate insight in the proper way of living.

The idea behind an all loving God and the ultimate rule maker of the moral code describes the theory of Divine Command. The Divine Command Theory states that the question of what is morally right is a matter of being commanded by God and morally wrong is a matter of being forbidden by God. This is basically saying when ethics and morality comes into question, following Gods commands is the only way of being right. Inquiring that God is all knowing which consists of possessing wisdom beyond any other, people believe God is never wrong. There is also the notion that God is the creator of all human beings and the world was created in his image; therefore all the rules set by our creator seems to be the only rules that make absolute sense.

In religious views, God created women for men, going back to the idea of Adam and Eve. When looking at homosexuality, it isn’t wrong for the disturbing views or the argument that it is against procreation, it is solely wrong because God himself said it is wrong. If a believer in the Divine Command Theory, you would understand that what God commands is ultimately right both morally and ethically. However, according to the Divine Command Theory God’s command is subjective. God’s judgments on what is right and wrong in the religious...
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